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Village of Waldron Council Meeting Minutes for October 8th 2019

Among Items Discussed: Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Posted by Wright-Waldron News at 12:51pm 10/22/19


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The Waldron Village Council held its regular monthly meeting on October 8, 2019 at the Wright-Waldron Municipal Building.

 President Leo Burress called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. All stood to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll call was taken and all council members were present.

Additions and Additions to the Agenda: Leo Burress wanted to add the resolution committees. Darcie Salmon made a motion to accept the agenda as amended. Bettie Salmon supported and it carried by a voice vote.

Approval of the September 10, 2019 Minutes: Karen McNett made a motion to accept the September Minutes. Kelly Nickles supported and it carried by a voice vote.

★ Public Comment

• Keri Burress said she would be doing Santa Claus this year and wanted to know if the village would donate. Bettie Salmon made a motion to donate $150.00 for Santa Claus. Kelly Nickles supported and it carried by a voice vote.

• Mr. Foster wanted to know if the village could do anything about his sewer bill as a lot of his water usage was for his horses. President Burress said the only way to fix it would be to run another another water line and install a meter at his expense.

★ Reports to council

• Fire Board: Karen McNett said the fire department is interested in obtaining the old fire house.

• Maintenance: Dennis McNett said that David Wilkie had resigned his position as maintenance employee.

• Street Administrator: None

• Code Enforcement: Ben Oram couldn’t be at the meeting Leo Burress said that Ben had written 6 tickets with 3 being dismissed. Ben would also like to have the village ordinances include fines so the village would receive money from the court.

★ Committee Reports:

• The Budget, Legal, & Planning Committee said there were some sidewalks that needed to be replaced. Some of the sidewalks were damaged by village trees. The committee discussed having homeowners pay half unless the damage was from a village tree. Darcie Salmon made a motion to have homeowners pay half unless damaged by village trees. Kelly Nickles supported and it carried by a voice vote.

• Treasurers Report: Keri Burress said she continues to collect some taxes an make bank deposits.

• Clerks Report: Margy Burress said that all the utility bills weren’t in and needed permission to pay them.

• Presidents Report: Leo Burress said that he had been working with John Marshall. The Solar Bees will be installed November 1, 2019. A village resident has a property dispute with the village. Leo said that he has researched it as much as possible and the village attorney is looking into it.

★ Pay Bills: Bettie Salmon made a motion to pay the bills including the utility bills. Allison Harwood supported and it carried by a voice vote.

★ Old Business:

• Old fire station: Bettie Salmon made a motion to donate the old fire station to the fire department. Kelly Nickles supported and it carried by a voice vote.

• Letters of interest for zoning commission: The village received 4 letters of interest and 1 person from the audience volunteered.

★★ Resolution of Committees:
Resolution NO. 10-8-19


Whereas, the Village Council of the Village of Waldron currently has six standing committees of three members each, as follows: a budget and finance committee; an ordinance and legal committee; a water and sewer committee; a planning, Region II, and events committee; a streets and drains committee; and a parks, trees, and sidewalks committee; and

Whereas, the Village Council has recognized that it is in the interest of the Village and of the members of the Village Council for the efficiency of the operation of the Village government to consolidate of the functions of the various committees of the Village Council so as to reduce the number of committees,

NOW, THEREFORE, IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED that the Village Council hereby consolidates the various functions of its six existing committees of three members each into three new committees of four members each as follows: a budget, legal, and planning committee; a utilities, roads, and right of way committee; and an events, park, and Region II committee.

IT IS FURTHER RESOLVED that appointments to the three new committees shall continue to be made in the same manner as committee appointments are currently made.

IT IS FURTHER RESOLVED that individuals listed on the attachment hereto are hereby appointed to serve on each of the three new committees for the remainder of 2019 and for 2020.


Leo Burress, Village President
Margy Burress, Village Clerk

Darcie Salmon made a motion to accept the resolution. A roll call vote was taken, Allison Harwood yes, Karen McNett yes, Kelly Nickles yes, Bettie Salmon yes, Darcie Salmon yes, Richard Smith yes, and Leo Burress yes. The resolution passed.

★ New Business:
Hiring a part-time maintenance employee: Karen McNett made a motion to go through the old applications. Kelly Nickles supported and it carried by a voice vote.

★ Adjourn: Karen McNett made a motion to adjourn until November 12, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. Kelly Nickles supported and it carried by a voice vote.

Village of Waldron is an Equal Opportunity Provider & Employer

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